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The Style N Beauty
Style Suite Fashion Show Image 01
Fashion Show Accessories
Imagine a place where everything you ever wanted in your wardrobe was right at your finger tips.  A personal stylist to pick the outfit that looks gorgeous, the shoes that make your legs look slender, a handbag to carry everything you need elegantly and all the bling you could ever dream of to make you look like a million dollars.  With hundreds of choices you’re sure to find all your fashion and accessories here. You’ll get the latest fashion advice, style trends, celebrity secrets and so much more in the new Sensational Style Suite. Let the fashionista in you shine!
Wedding Pavillion Image Zoom
wedding Pavillion
If romantic wishes for a wonderful wedding day are on your list, you’ve come to the right place.  Take this opportunity to plan your perfect day effortlessly.  Learn how to organize your event or simply hire the best planner to do it all for you. Every little detail has been taken into consideration to ensure you don’t miss out on a single thing.  From the bouquet to the gown, from the music to the hotel, this is where you will find a variety of options with our full selection of wedding professionals who will make your dream wedding come true.
Health and Well Being image 01
Who knew there could be so many ways to enjoy yourself and be fit and healthy at the same time?  The Health & Well Being Area has an amazing selection of exhibits that make it easy for you to feel fabulous.  Fitness gurus will advise you on the right exercise regime, alternative therapists can suggest new options to relieve those aches and pains and our diet and nutrition experts will give you the energy to lose the weight and gain the confidence.  After all that excitement why not plan some well deserved spa treatments and don't forget to enjoy all the great promotions.
hair stylist in the beauty zone
Beauty Zone makeovers

We have brought together the finest group of beauty professionals especially for you, so take advantage of some personal pampering.  How about a free make over from one of our fabulous cosmetic companies?  Learn about all the latest techniques to make you look and feel younger with just a little make up.  Take ten minutes out for a massage or how about a mini-manicure while you’re on your shopping break?  The Beauty Zone is where you meet specialists in skincare, hair care, nail care and even cosmetic surgery care to provide you with every tool you need to look amazing anytime, anywhere!

Pets and Kids

Living Room Furniture by Wetherlys

Experience everything life has to offer and more! Stop by and chat with our lifestyle professionals who take our every day issues and make sense out of it all.  Find inspiration, a new hobby, redecorate your home with top home style expert’s advice or just take a break, our travel experts can help you discover the easy way to getaway.  Get the inside scoop on balancing your work life with a healthy home life and still have enough time to enjoy the simple things.  From pets to new parents our Living Room has all the things to make you happy!

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