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About the most exciting show for Women

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The Style N’ Beauty Show is the ultimate event bringing together top fashion experts with beauty professionals and celebrity guest speakers to give everyone the best in fashion and beauty entertainment.

Specialists from the world of health and well being will be presenting the latest breakthroughs in anti ageing and preventative medicine. Lifestyle experts from Interior designers to culinary arts will be showing tips and techniques throughout the event.

Come and see why thousands of women can’t say enough about The Style N’ Beauty Show.  It’s the only event for women who want more out of life, women who want to look good and feel great in everything they do.  It’s all about bringing a new level of energy and vitality into our lives and enjoying every moment as the women we are and want to be.  


What you can expect to see and experience at
The Style N’ Beauty Show.

A full schedule of fashion shows, kids n’ pets fashion shows, accessory shows, make over shows and so much more.  See live entertainment daily from the most talented dancers, singers and actors.  Visit hundreds of exhibitors that offer great products at great show prices!  Learn about the latest techniques for optimum health and beauty.  Touch and taste the products that make you go Mmm!  Listen to life coach experts who can help you change or charge your life.  Feel the energy from our fitness experts who want to get you in shape and watch the chef’s cook something up to keep you there.  Be inspired to live the life you want.

The Style N’ Beauty Show is all about you, so go ahead, grab a friend or two and get here, you won’t want to miss a thing.

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